- The Versatile Commodore Emulator

Copyright (C) Andreas Boose, Tibor Biczo, Dag Lem, Andreas Dehmel, Thomas Bretz, Andreas Matthies, Martin Pottendorfer, Spiro Trikaliotis, David Hansel, Markus Brenner, Marco van den Heuvel.

The AmigaOS ports are done by Mathias "AmiDog" Roslund and Marco van den Heuvel.

061011: The Amiga versions of VICE 1.20 (available for the main VICE site) had some GUI bugs, for example making it impossible to use a joypad in AmigaOS4. This has been fixed along with a network assertion bug on MorphOS.

060618: The AROS port now works as it should on both hosted and native. Locale support has been completed. Please report incorrect translations, missing translations and/or things that are worded wrong.

060603: (A little late due to ADSL-modem breaking.) No improvements by me this time, but Piru and Marco van den Heuvel have been busy improving the ports and fixing issues in the MorphOS build.

060521: I've made a few bugfixes and Marco van den Heuvel have implemented a lot of setting dialogs and made versions for AmigaOS3, MorphOS and AROS (i686). Great job there Marco! Go to the download page and grab a copy for your AmigaOS flavour of choice.

060421: Fullscreen only worked when it felt like it and the joystick emulation only worked when using AmigaInput and a pad of some sort. Sorry about this. This should now be fixed along with a few other bugs (I hope). Please note that VICE seems to have a generic problem when emulating two pads currently.

060418: New version based on latest VICE (1.19). Added support for Fullscreen and AmigaInput.

050312: New version based on latest VICE (1.16). Some setting dialogs added (Drive, Sound, SID). New custom filerequester which allow creating disk images and autostarting individual files in a disk image. More info in "README.OS4" in the archive.

041029: Not much of an update, but I've had this version on my HD for about two weeks, so I figured I might as well release it as I'm busy with other things currently. A few things have changed. SID-registers (Catweasel Mk3) should now be reset when VICE quit (use -sidengine 2 to enable Catweasel Mk3 SID support). Better menu handling (pausing audio, resetting timers). System/Emulator specific menus (very few menu items actually do something, but anyway). Added a few menu shortcuts. C64 mouse emulation (Amiga+Q to enable. Mouse pointer will be invisible when enabled and VICE will use input.device to capture ALL mouse events, so you need to press Amiga+Q again to disable it before you can use the mouse with other programs.).

041007: VICE emulates the C64, C128, VIC20, PET, PLUS4 and CBM-II. This release is for AmigaOS4 and is highly work in progress and has many limitations (and probably bugs). Make sure you read the README in the archive for a little more information. Also keep an eye at the WIP section where I may upload releases from time to time.